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Are you planning to dig a garden, landscape or fence your lot, excavate a patio area or pool area, upgrade your driveway, repair your home's foundation, add a porch, deck or room to your home?

Please call Ontario One Call Ltd. at the number below before you dig and take advantage of the free gas pipe location service.

Here's why

Digging or excavating could damage the network of gas pipes, telephone lines, hydro or cablevision lines and water pipes which extend through your property and may be located near the surface of your lot.

Damage to pipes or a utility line can create a safety hazard or even disrupt utility service to an entire neighbourhood when the system must be shut down to enable repairs to be carried out. Homeowners or their contractors who cause damage are liable for the cost of repairs and could incur a costly lawsuit if adjacent property is damaged or someone is injured as a result. Under Ontario regulations, it's against the law to dig without having natural gas lines located.  

Call Ontario One Call for free natural gas line locates at 1-800-400-2255, 24-hours a day, 7 days a week, or visit them on the web at: Call at least five full business days before you plan to dig. Ontario One Call will relay your locate request and information to Union Gas or their designated locate service provider, as well as other participating member utilities. You will be provided with a timely, FREE locate of the underground facilities so you can complete your project SAFELY.

We also recommend that you call other utilities to help you locate their underground lines so that you can avoid potential damage to them as well. Please note that some utilities do not participate in the Ontario One Call service.