Converting your Home to Natural Gas

Converting your home to Natural Gas

Step 1:
Once you start working with an HVAC contractor, you can get them to contact Union Gas and to help you find the closest natural gas line to your home. Under normal circumstances, there is no charge to run a natural gas line to your home. Additional charges may apply if the length of the gas service between your front property line or the gas main (whichever is closer) and your gas meter is further than 30 meters. Contact your HVAC contractor or Union Gas for information about your specific connection charge.

Looking for a Contractor?

Try visiting the HRAI website to find HVACs in your area!

Step 2:

Start planning what Natural Gas Appliances you are looking to install in your home. If you are planning a renovation, it may be worth it to pre-pipe for any new natural gas appliances you’re thinking about installing later.

Step 3:
Once you’re a Union Gas customer, set up your Union Gas profile on MyAccount, and be able to view your latest bill, interact with your gas consumption information, and have complete control over your account.

Looking to help budget or automate your gas payments? Why not enrol in our payment options:

  • Equal Billing Plan (EBP) will help you budget for your gas consumption over the year, by converting your bills into equal monthly payments. You no longer have to budget for those higher energy bills in those cold winter months.

  • Automatic Payment Plan (APP) will take it one step further, and fully automate your bill payments for you. Simply enter in your information from your financial institution, and never have to worry about missing a bill payment again!


Natural Gas FlameNatural gas is the preferred fuel in a variety of products including: furnaces, water heaters, fireplaces, ranges, dryers and grills and pool and patio heaters. When compared to other fuels such as electricity, oil or propane, natural gas can save you around 50 per cent in operating costs. Finally, many natural gas appliances do not require electricity to run so in the event of a blackout your home can continue to function. Union Gas offers a variety of energy saving solutions to help you conserve energy.