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Natural Gas Ranges - Safety and Maintenance

Your most important source of safety and maintenance information is the owner’s manual that comes with your new natural gas range, cooktop or oven. Refer to it anytime you have a question or concern.

Safety and Maintenance suggestions:

  • Always follow manufacturers instructions.

  • An electronic ignition system monitors the flame and will turn off the gas if the flame goes out. Some models will attempt to relight before completely shutting down the burners. This is an excellent safety feature.

  • Keep your burners and oven interior clean to reduce the risk of fire.

  • Thoroughly clean food spills that reach into the stove and can clog the pilot light or burners.

  • Do not line the bottom of your oven completely with aluminum foil as it can block air ventilation and interfere with heated air.

  • Never use your range or oven for room heating.

  • Do not store flammables near the range – a pile of unread mail on the top of your cooktop could catch fire if the oven is in use.

  • Use potholders not dish towels to remove hot pots and pans.

  • Do not turn the flame up so high that it extends more than 1/2" (1.27cm) less than the diameter of the pot.

  • If the holes in your burner get clogged, clean them with a fine wire, piper clip or pipe cleaner. Don’t use a toothpick or anything that could get stuck.

  • Don’t place pans directly on the bottom of the oven, use the racks.

  • Clean the seal around the oven door periodically and check for worn gaskets that could let heat escape.

  • Do not cover broiler pans with tin foil, grease trapped by the foil cannot cool and could catch fire.

In case of a fire, turn the burner or oven off. Use a dry powder fire extinguisher or sprinkle the area with baking soda. Do not use water on a grease fire, it will make it worse.