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Natural Gas Ranges - Frequently Asked Questions

Is a natural gas range safe?
Every family has different cooking styles, but in general a natural gas range is thought to be safer than electric because it is easy to see when the burner is on unlike an electric burner. As well, because you can instantly turn the heat off you can instantly control a pot that is boiling too hard. You won’t have to move a boiling pot off a cold element again.    

I’m aware of the benefits of a natural gas cooktop, but what makes the oven a better choice?
Moisture makes a natural gas oven the preferred choice among professional cooks. Natural gas creates moist heat while electricity creates dry heat – cakes, casseroles and meats have better results with natural gas.    

How do you clean the elements on a natural gas range?
If you have sealed burners you just remove the heavy grid that hold the pots upright and wipe clean. On open burners you lift the cook top and clean any spills. Choose sealed burners to save clean up time.    

My son is 13 and loves to cook. Is natural gas a safe choice for me?
Your son will take an even bigger interest in cooking when he has infinite heat control, instant on/off and a broiler that outperforms the electric one he is used to. From a safety point of view, natural gas can be seen as a safer option – he will be able to see that the element is on and it cools faster than an electric element.    

Will I smell gas when I’m cooking?
You will not smell gas when you are cooking.    

I’m not sure about installation, it’s it a hassle?
Installing a natural gas range is as simple as arranging to have your cable connected. A Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) contractor will do all the work in a very short amount of time.    

I’m renovating my kitchen and cooking is my passion. Can I choose a commercial cook top for my home kitchen?
The good news is that manufacturers are designing commercial ranges especially for home use so you get all the rugged features and large capacities you want without the expense of a real commercial range.    

My area experiences power outages regularly. Will I still be able to cook with my natural gas range?
Some manufacturers suggest that burners can be lit with matches when a power outage occurs.