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Natural Gas Ranges - Energy Efficient Features

Natural Gas RangesThere are features you can choose and ways of operating a natural gas range that will result in even more energy savings.

When using the oven resist the urge to open the door more than needed. Heat escapes quickly and takes energy to replace.

Choose the right size burner for the pot you are using. A too large burner is wasting heat and a too small one has to work longer to accomplish the same cooking job.

Set your oven to reach the right temperature just as you are ready to use it so it does not pre-heat longer than necessary. Pre-heating your oven is part of most baking recipes, but don’t assume that all recipes call for pre-heating, read the recipe and pre-heat only when called for.

Use the self-cleaning mode right after using the oven for baking, the heat that is already in the oven won’t go to waste

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