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Natural Gas Ranges - Buying Tips

Choosing a new natural gas range can be exciting. After all they’re not only efficient and hard working they can make a beautiful impression in your kitchen depending on the model and style you opt for. Deciding what size, what model and which features you want takes some forethought. Ask yourself these questions:

  1. Where will the range be placed? Measure carefully to be sure there is room for the model you want.
  2. How do you use your current stove and oven? What part of the range do you use the most, the top burners, oven or broiler?
  3. How many burners do you want?
  4. Do you need more than one oven? Two ovens can be convenient if you often bake different foods and require two different temperatures.
  5. How many people cook on the range at one time? This can help determine how wide you want the unit to be.
  6. Where will the natural gas range be placed in the kitchen, check heights of overhead cabinets to be sure they are within safe distance.
  7. What special features are important to you? There are high-performance burners are better use with a wok and for sautéing. Consider a programmable oven if you are often working right up until meal time. Other optional features include electronic clock and controls, storage compartments, coloured cooktop burners and rust-resistant hardware.
  8. Is ease of cleaning important? Choose sealed burners and a self-cleaning oven if you want to minimize clean up time.
  9. Are the controls comfortable for you on the models you are looking at? What fits one person does not fit another. Look for a range that ‘feels’ like it fits you.

Before you buy compare warranties and extended service plans to be sure you are well-protected.

Check on installation costs, service calls and costs as well as any maintenance contracts that may be included or offered.