Natural Gas Ranges - Product Benefits

save up to $2,000* per year, every year.

A new natural gas range is an inspiring addition to your kitchen and your lifestyle. It’s the preferred choice of chefs worldwide and for all the reasons that they love a natural gas range you will too.

Instant on/off
Only natural gas gives you the complete freedom of instant on/off. When you want the heat off, it’s off. Instantly. No moving pots to a cold element to stop them from boiling – with natural gas you just turn the dial and instantly the heat is off. If you’re running short of time it’s nice to know your natural gas is instantly on so dinner will be on the table faster.

Excellent heat control
From the lowest of simmers to the most robust of boils your natural gas range delivers excellent heat control. Enjoy heat at precisely the temperature you want.

Cost Savings
A natural gas range costs about 20%* less to operate than an electric range.

Moist Cooking
Natural gas provides a moist method of cooking so your baked foods and roasted meats will be perfect, not dry.

Stays on even in power outage
Even when there’s a power outage, most natural gas ranges will operate and keep you well fed!

A size and style to fit every family and kitchen
With many styles, sizes, and models of natural gas ranges available you’ll enjoy choosing the one that compliments your cooking style and your kitchen style. Many homeowners replace their old electric stove when they do a kitchen renovation – the new natural gas range becomes the beautiful and hard working centerpiece of the new improved room.

Installation is a simple process for a licensed professional
When you have natural gas in your home it’s easy to add a new line for a range in the kitchen. A licensed gas fitter will install your new appliance quickly and easily.

Easy to reach and safe control knobs
Natural gas ranges have their control knobs on the front of the cooktop eliminating the dangerous need to reach over steaming pots or splattering pans to turn the heat up or down. There are child safe options such as push-to-turn control knobs that are appropriate if you have children in the kitchen.

Reduces the load on our electrical grid
A natural gas range is an excellent way to reduce your use of electricity. Considering a natural gas range costs 20% less to operate and offers you so many cooking benefits, it’s an easy choice to make.


* Based on fuel rates as of July 2008