Natural Gas Ranges - Product Overview

Natural gas ranges offer options in range styles, burner styles and sizes, ignition sources and venting options. Choosing the features that suit your kitchen and your cooking style is easy with natural gas.

Range styles

Choose from freestanding, drop-in and slide in, wall ovens and cooktops and commercial style natural gas ranges.

Freestanding style
This is the most traditional style of natural gas range. It’s a stand alone unit that combines a cooking surface with two to four burners, a standard oven, and a storage drawer.

Drop in and slide in style
With both a cook top and oven these units differ from a freestanding unit mostly in appearance. They have no back panel so they appear to be stylishly ‘built-in’. A drop in range and a drop-in oven sits on a low cabinet base with no storage drawer. A slide-in range sits on the floor much like a traditional freestanding style without the back panel.

Wall ovens and cooktops
These models offer cooktops separate from ovens so you can customize your kitchen layout to suit your style and needs.

The cooktop is made of stainless steel or steel coated with porcelain or glass. These appear to be ‘placed’ on top of a counter and offer a contemporary look. Some cooktops feature grills, woks, griddles or rotisseries. Standard units have four burners but there are models with two, five or six burners.

A wall oven is built into the wall offering maximum placement flexibility and a sophisticated professional appearance. Wall ovens save space by offering more under counter cabinet space and have a low profile on the wall. Natural gas wall ovens are a ‘natural’ convection oven, which means that the normal air movement during cooking makes cooking faster, more even and there is no need for fans. Widths available are: 24 and 27 inches (61 and 69 cm).

Commercial style
When you have a lot of cooking to do or enjoy the look and feel of a professional kitchen there are commercial ranges that will suit your needs. With chrome or stainless steel finishes and multiple burners and ovens they are built especially designed for home use, offering reduced heat outputs while maintaining their rugged and distinct commercial features.

Burner styles

Sealed Burner
A sealed burner is popular because it is easier to keep clean. A sealed burner comes in large, medium, and small sizes. You can opt to have different sized burners on the same range. A common configuration is two small and two large burners.

Open burner
This style has a large opening for the burner, openings that are much larger than the burner itself. The cooktop lifts for cleaning underneath the cooking area.

Burner sizes
There is a range of burner sizes to fit various size pots and pans with different heat outputs to suit your needs. Cooktops have burners that range in heat from 5,000 - 17,500 BTU/hour*. Natural gas ovens produce 13,000-18,000 BTU/hour.

You can choose to have a bake only burner in your natural gas oven or a bake and broil burner. A natural gas oven bakes and broils using the same burner unlike an electric oven. With a non self-cleaning natural gas oven you place the pan in the oven drawer underneath the baking burner. In a self-cleaning oven you place the food at the top of the oven which is easier to reach for most people.

* BTU/hour – the thermal unit for power in the English system used to express energy use as a per hour rate.

Ignition sources
Choose a continuous pilot flame on each burner for ignition or an electronic ignition system that eliminates the continuous pilot and replaces it with an electric spark on each burner. You will save energy by choosing an electronic ignition system.

Venting options
It is suggested that you run a rangehood while operating a natural gas range in order to improve ventilation and prevent odours. Ducting your rangehood through an outside wall is the best option for removing cooking odours and steam.

For maximum flexibility in the placement of your range choose a direct-vent model as it can be vented through the ceiling above the unit or through an exterior wall.