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Pool Covers
Use a solar pool cover and keep your warm pool water right where it belongs – in the pool!  It’s a perfect companion for your natural gas pool heater – one creates heat and the other one stops it from evaporating.

FACT - An uncovered pool will lose 30% of its heat every day and 10,000 litres of water every month.

A solar pool cover adds heat to your pool – you can see a heat gain of up to 10-15 degrees when you consistently use a solar pool cover.

Another benefit of pool covers? They keep leaves, dirt and small animals out of the pool. You’ll save maintenance time and enjoy a cleaner pool all season long.

Pool covers can be as sophisticated and easy to use as you like or they can be basic. When on the pool both do the same job of keeping heat and water in.

Vinyl pool covers are the most expensive and are used for in-ground pools and can be either fully automatic or semi-automatic, using tracks and motors for simpler use.

Manual pool covers can be snapped down to keep the wind from moving it and customized to fit your pool exactly. Another option is to purchase a one-size fits all pool cover from your local retailer.