Natural Gas Pool Heaters - Product Benefits

The benefits of a natural gas pool heater are easy to see; families splash and swim longer into the fall.

Natural gas pool heaters are:

Highly Efficient
A new natural gas pool heater is more efficient than ever before. They heat water much faster than electric! To help conserve the heat, make sure to use a pool cover. This will help seal in the heat.

Easy to maintain and rely on
New technology means easy maintenance and reliability and that makes the swim season as relaxing as it should be. Many new pool heaters can self-diagnose minor problems and let you know the simple steps to getting the system up and running smoothly.

With automatic safety shut-off controls a natural gas pool heater warms your water and increases your sense of security.

A new natural gas pool heater with an automatic thermostat lets you keep your pool at a consistent temperature and only ignites when needed.