Natural Gas Patio Heaters - Product Benefits

Safe, dependable and easy to operate
Natural gas patio heaters safely warm even the coolest day or evening in your backyard. With the flick of a switch you’ll enjoy comforting heat that feels just like the sun.

Infrared, radiant heat is comforting
A natural gas patio heater heats people and objects directly and comfortably to help you stay warm. The use of a spark ignition system instead of a pilot light makes these heaters even more energy efficient.

A variety of sizes and models
Natural gas patio heaters come in many sizes ranging from 20,000 BTU/hour to 50,000 BTU/hour. The size you choose determines the circular area that will be comfortably heated.

Flexible placement options
Have your heat exactly where you want it. Post mount, suspension and even portable models are available.

As much heat, or as little as you need
You control how much heat you need with a dial or remote control. Turn it up when the thermometer drops and keep it at the exact temperature you want through the night!