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Natural Gas Furnaces - A Guide to Maintaining Your Natural Gas Furnace

Before you have a heating problem, call your heating contractor to perform a regular maintenance check of your natural gas furnace or boiler venting system:

  • Motorized equipment, like your heating system, requires regular adjustments, burner cleaning, parts replacement, repairs, venting inspection, and other checks. Licensed experts know your equipment and the necessary codes to follow.
  • Your contractor can help make your equipment operate with peak efficiency, last longer, and save you money year after year.

What's checked in a furnace maintenance check?

Your licensed contractor typically inspects:

  • Heat exchanger
  • test for carbon monoxide
  • visible gas pipes for leaks
  • electronic ignition system
  • fan, motor, bearings, belts, pumps
  • air filter, electronic air cleaner
  • burners, pilot
  • pilot safety system
  • furnace controls
  • power exhaust
  • flame pattern
  • venting
  • chimney
  • heat rise
  • thermostat

How much does a furnace maintenance check cost?

You can expect to pay anywhere from $60 to $140 for a maintenance check by a licensed expert. Before agreeing to a check, ask what it includes.

Two easy things you can do between checks

  1. Clean or replace the air filter on your forced-air furnace every one to two months. A dirty filter reduces airflow and makes your furnace run longer.
  2. Allow for unobstructed airflow near hot air registers (see left), return air grills, radiators, and baseboard heaters.

Your heating contractor is your connection to answers

Ask your contractor:

  • What regular maintenance your natural gas heating system needs and what it includes
  • what maintenance or heating protection programs they offer
  • how you can maximize your system's efficiency