save up to $2,000* per year, every year.

Natural Gas Furnaces - Cost Comparison

Natural Gas Furnaces are designed to offer you maximum heating comfort with a variety of models available at different prices and efficiencies.

Comparing the purchase price of new natural gas furnaces is easy. What requires more thought is the long term costs of each furnace.

This chart can help you see the difference not only between oil, electric and natural gas furnaces, but also between the mid and high-efficiency models of each.  Natural gas is the right fuel for home heating. The numbers prove it.


Natural Gas Cost

Electric Baseboard Cost

Approximate Annual Savings Over Electric Baseboard Up To

Fuel Oil Cost
(83% AFUE)

Approximate Annual Savings Over Oil Up To


Approximate Annual Savings
Over Propane
Up To

Mid Efficiency

$537 $2,391 $1,854 $2,335 $1,798 $2,710 $2,173

High Efficiency
Min 90% AFUE)








High Efficiency
with ECM (var.
speed motor)








Mid Efficiency
with ECM (var.
speed motor)








Two stage
ultra efficient)








Based on fuel rates as of January, 2014.
Natural Gas $0.2304 per m3
Electricity $0.1308 per kWh
Fuel Oil $1.1018 per Litre
Propane $0.8534 per Litre

* Assumptions to create the cost comparison were based on a standard home located in the Union Gas service area with 4 people per household. Cost comparison does not include monthly fixed charges.