Natural Gas Grills - Grilling Related Products

Adding grilling accessories to your new natural gas grill can inspire you to go beyond hot dogs and steaks! Consider these moderately priced accessories:

Cast Iron Cooking Grids
A professional grill chef will insist on cast iron grids because they heat more evenly and sear meat to lock in juices and natural flavours. Grids that are grooved on one side channel excess fat way from food and vapourizes reducing unwanted flare-ups.

Drip Pans
A drip pan is a great invention that catches drips, vaporizes them and sends them back to flavour your meal! You can go beyond grilling 101 by adding various juices to your drip pan (pineapple or lemon) and taking your meats and vegetables to new flavour heights.

Vegetable and seafood grill topper
No grill is complete without a grill topper. This deep pan has holes large enough to let heat in yet small enough to keep the smallest of foods from falling between the cracks. You’ll be inspired to grill shrimp, onions and even cherry tomatoes without fear of losing them.