Natural Gas Grills - Frequently Asked Questions

Isn’t propane a lot cheaper than natural gas?
Natural gas is much cheaper than propane. Even when you consider the cost of installing a natural gas hook-up in the back yard it will be less expensive in the long run.      Top 

Does a natural gas grill cook the same as my old propane one?
You’ll never wonder when the tank of propane is going to run out.      Top

I just got my propane grill and now I’m wishing I would have chosen a natural gas model. Can I change my mind?
Yes you can change your mind. Call a retailer who specializes in grills and they can advise you on converting your propane grill to natural gas.      Top 

What if I get into trouble with my natural gas grill, if the fuel never runs out, how would I turn it off?
Every natural gas grill comes with a connection to the gas supply and an on/off valve that is separate from your grill. Any time you want, you can turn the valve and the gas is out.      Top 

I have three propane tanks that I don’t need now that I switched to natural gas, what can I do with these tanks?
Speak to the manager at the propane filling station and see if you can take your tanks to be safely disposed of. While you’re there feel glad that you won’t ever be back for a heavy, clumsy, fill again!      Top

Why the difference in price between a natural gas grill and a propane grill?
The mechanics of a natural gas grill are more complex than a propane grill which means a slightly higher price tag. In the end, the money you save using natural gas compared to propane will more than outweigh the initial outlay.      Top