Natural Gas Grills - Product Benefits

The benefits of Natural Gas Grills focus on freedom.

Freedom from tanks

With a propane grill you have to continually worry about how much fuel is on the tank. This fear of running out means keeping 2, or sometimes 3 propane tanks around the house, “just to be sure”. With natural gas you never have to worry about tanks again. You will always have a constant supply available and waiting for you to turn the grill on. You can grill the Thanksgiving turkey all day and into the evening with total confidence. Say hello to natural gas
and goodbye to dragging tanks around for refilling.

Freedom to grill the way you want with even and precise heat
A natural gas grill gives you even heat settings without hot spots. You get the exact temperature you desire no matter how high or how low that may be.

Freedom to grill at a moment’s notice
Natural gas grills are ready to please instantly. No charcoal to wait for, no tanks to refill before you begin to grill. Natural gas is all about convenience.

Natural gas is safe
Because natural gas is lighter than air, it will rise into the atmosphere in the event of a leak, it doesn’t pool around your grill or your deck.

Quick Connection is convenient
A “quick connect” natural gas hook-up means you have a natural gas connection in your yard and your grill attaches to it by a hose. This means connection, disconnection and relocating is easy. If you need to move your grill out of the way it’s no problem. Just disconnect it from the quick connection and move it wherever it needs to go. When you want to grill again, just hook it back up and you’re ready to cook!

Making your natural gas grill even more portable is easy with a quick connection. Invest in a longer connection hose and your grill can be placed almost anywhere. Think about adding a quick connection in other areas of your yard so you’re not limited in your grilling/party area! How about a quick connect at the cottage so you can take your natural gas grill up north and enjoy all its conveniences up there?