Natural Gas Fireplaces

Save up to $2,000 per year, every year.

Energy Efficient Natural Gas Fireplaces More energy-efficient than wood-burning

To help heat or add charm to an individual room, you can install a natural gas fireplace. You'll soon discover your natural gas fireplace is:

  • more energy-efficient than a wood-burning fireplace
  • reduces pollutant emissions
  • has instant on/off ability that makes it convenient to use

Shopping for a natural gas fireplace?

When it comes to choosing a new natural gas fireplace, remember, not all units are created equally. Some units are more energy efficient than others. You might be thinking “how can I tell the difference” and there’s an easy answer.

  • Check for the EnerGuide label in the manufacturers product literature.
  • The EnerGuide rating will help you easily compare fireplace to fireplace to see which is more energy efficient. You can find this label in fireplace promotional materials, such as sales brochures, or on websites. It is not normally placed on the fireplace. Visit the NRCan website for a complete listing of fireplace efficiency ratings, or ask the sales representative at your local fireplace retailer for more information.
  • Generally speaking, natural gas fireplaces range in efficiency from about 20% to 70%. By choosing a higher percentage rating you’ll enjoy more energy savings.
  • All natural gas fireplaces sold in Canada must be tested for their energy efficiency using the Canadian Standards Association CSA-P.4.1-02 standard.
  • After testing, each fireplace is given a “fireplace efficiency” or FE rating. FE is a measure of a fireplace's energy efficiency performance over an entire heating season and is expressed as a percentage The FE rating is a more accurate measurement of fireplace energy efficiency compared to simply calculating how much fuel the unit would use annually. The FE rating is the only recognized measurement of vented gas fireplace energy efficiency in Canada.

EnerGuide Label for Natural Gas Fireplaces

  EnerGuide label

For more information on the EnerGuide Label for Gas Fireplaces, please click here.

What size fireplace do you need?

Fireplaces, like rooms, come in many different sizes. A fireplace that’s too big for your room will produce too much heat and will be waste energy. The right size fireplace equals an energy efficient fireplace. Bring your room measurements to the fireplace showroom and let your dealer help you make the right choice.

Congratulations, you already have a natural gas fireplace!

Follow these easy energy saving tips and your fireplace will be both beautiful and beautifully efficient:

  • use energy wisely by running your natural gas fireplace when you’re in the room, but turn it off when you leave the room
  • turn down your home’s main thermostat if possible when the fireplace is operating
  • if your fireplace has a thermostat, keep it at the lowest setting possible when not in use
  • the heat in your fireplace is maximized when the glass is kept clean
  • turn your pilot light off during the summer or during long periods in the winter when you are not using your fireplace
  • have your fireplace serviced regularly to keep it burning efficiently

Section Two and Section Five of our Wise Energy Guide provide more detailed information about equipment options, simple ways to cut down your heating costs, and some dangers of not caring for your equipment properly.