Natural Gas Fireplaces - Energy Efficient Features

Save up to $2,000 per year, every year.

Natural Gas FireplacesLook ahead to the day when you have your beautiful natural gas fireplace installed. Your family is feeling warm and content and you are feeling especially relaxed. Why? Because you know that you are saving money compared to operating a wood fireplace and you’ve made an excellent choice!

How to choose a Natural Gas Fireplace?
Choosing a natural gas fireplace is easy when you know what to look for. The good news is that there is no guessing involved. The easiest way to compare the efficiency of natural gas fireplaces is to review the EnerGuide label if there is one. This may be found in the manufacturers' brochures, on their websites or through the fireplace labels.

For more information on how to compare natural gas fireplaces efficiencies visit the Natural Resource of Canada (NRCAN) website:

For more information on natural gas fireplaces visit the Hearth, Patio and Barbecue Association of Canada (HPBAC) web-site:

FACT - Many natural gas fireplaces sold in Canada have an EnerGuide label.
EnerGuide is a labelling system that is regulated by our government. Find out more details
 about EnerGuide and how it can help you make wise energy choices.

You’ll notice that natural gas fireplaces currently on the market have an efficiency between 30 and 70%. The higher the number the more energy efficient it is. Choose the fireplace with the highest number within your budget.

There are certain features and options that help a natural gas fireplace score higher on the EnerGuide rating system. Look for:

  • Direct vent design.
  • An automatic electronic ignition system.
  • A ceramic glass front which transmits heat more efficiently.
  • A quiet, circulating fan that forces more heat to the room.
  • Temperature control with a wide turndown range.
  • Ducting capabilities to enable you to connect your fireplace to existing ductwork to distribute heat to remote areas of your home.

Choosing the right size fireplace is essential
The heat output of your fireplace is an important indicator in determining which unit to choose. A bigger fireplace is not necessarily better. Take into consideration your overall home heating needs and the size of the room.

FACT - In a small room, a fireplace with a high output rating may overheat the room
 and use more natural gas than necessary. Ask your retailer to help you make the right
 decision by providing accurate room measurements including ceiling height.

Hints to make your natural gas fireplace more efficient

  • During the summer or when you are not using your fireplace, turn your pilot light off*. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions when relighting.
  • When you are using the fireplace turn your home’s main thermostat down
  • Keep the fireplace’s thermostat at the lowest setting possible while still maintaining your comfort level
  • Cleaning the glass on your fireplace will maximize the heat that is transferred*.
We have more energy efficient information on natural gas fireplaces on our website.

Consult your Instruction manual or ask your Heating Contractor.