Natural Gas Fireplaces - Product Benefits

save up to $2,000* per year, every year.

The range of features and options available for natural gas fireplaces have increased dramatically over the years and now you can find a model to suit your personal needs.

Natural gas fireplaces are clean , efficient and require little maintenance.

Your clean choice.
Natural gas fireplaces are your cleanest choice with no chopping wood, sweeping ashes or arranging for chimney cleanings. With no hassle and no mess to clean up you’ll enjoy your natural gas fireplace every night of the winter.

Your instant choice.
With the flick of an optional remote switch or by adjusting a dial on the front of your unit, your natural gas fireplace can be turned on and off instantly.

Your environmental choice.
As easy as a natural gas fireplace is for you, it’s also easier on the environment. With no smoke going up the chimney from burning wood and no ashes, lingering embers or particulates going into the air, natural gas fireplaces are the cleaner choice for you and the environment.

Your relaxing choice.
Natural gas fireplaces feature ceramic logs surrounded by yellow, flickering flames. Some models have glowing ember beds for an even more realistic scene. Recent improvements in the look and feel of natural gas fireplaces mean you can have your fire and put your feet up and relax too.

Your best choice.
With many models, during a power outage you can count on your natural gas fireplace to keep your family warm. Most units operate without electrical power which gives you peace of mind when winter storms threaten.

Your smart choice
The problem of heating a hard to warm room can be solved with the addition of a natural gas fireplace. Natural gas fireplaces with heat exchangers offer the dependable warmth of a space heater. As a bonus, they also add charm and style. Natural gas fireplaces provide both radiant* and convection** heat which ensures your family will be warm and comfortable.

FACT - Wood burning fireplaces may remove more heat from a house than they produce.

* Radiant Heat: Radiant heat is emitted from hot surfaces, (e.g. the glowing flames of a natural gas fireplace). Radiant heat directly warms people and objects in the room, rather than warming the air.

** Convection heat: convection heat, from natural gas fireplaces, is the heat transfer by the circulation of air currents from one region to another.