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Natural Gas Dryers - Related Products

Front-load washers
The perfect partner to your new energy efficient natural gas dryer is a front-load washing machine. A front-loading washer gives energy and clothes saving benefits. A front-load washer:

  • uses 30-50% less water – that can add up to savings of 6,390 gallons of water per year!

  • uses 50-65% less energy than top-loading washers

  • uses much less detergent

  • reduces the amount of water left in the clothes after spinning which makes drying even faster

  • gets clothes cleaner and is gentler because the tumbling action is far more effective than the typical top loading submerge and agitate approach

  • can clean more clothes at once because there’s more room in the tub without the bulky agitator in the middle

  • is quieter, making it ideal for a main floor or upstairs laundry

FACT - There’s a reason Laundromats and industrial laundry rooms use natural gas
dryers and front-loading washers. Together they are an energy, money saving team!

Environmentally, a natural gas dryer and a front-load washer are the preferred laundry team. Both use less energy and the water savings of the front-load washer makes them winners on all counts.

Dryer Balls
A dryer ball is an invention in efficiency that can make your natural gas dryer dry even faster. They also claim to reduce wear and tear on clothing.

These are new products on the market that offer an exciting chance to make your dryer even more efficient. Read the instructions on the package carefully for maximum results.