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Natural Gas Dryers - Frequently Asked Questions

I have a natural gas furnace but my dryer has always been electric. Is it possible for me to have a natural gas dryer?
Yes. If natural gas is supplied to your home you can have the service extended to your laundry room.    

I’ve always liked my old electric dryer, I’m worried I won’t like a natural gas dryer.
You will love a natural gas dryer for how much money it saves you in energy and for the way your clothes come out at the end. Ask friends who have natural gas dryers for their opinions, you’ll be surprised to know that they would never go back to electric!    

I’ve started hearing that we should use natural gas wherever possible instead of electricity. What’s this all about?
If you’ve lived in Ontario for more than a year you know that there are continual warnings that our electrical grid is being stressed. Getting ‘off’ the grid by using fewer electrical products is the best and easiest way to ease the strain. Choosing a natural gas dryer instead of an electric unit is a simple and effective way to use less electricity.    

What’s the difference between a continuous pilot light and electronic ignition?
They both help start your dryer, but an electronic igniter uses less energy because it is not constantly running.    

I have a growing family but the extra large sized dryers seems huge. What should I choose?
You mention a growing family which means that the amount of laundry you will be doing in the coming years will also be growing. Speak  to a qualified dryer professional at your retail outlet about your needs to be sure you don’t get a dryer that’s too big or two small.    

Should I wait for my old electric dryer to finally breakdown before I replace it with the natural gas dryer I really want?
That’s a personal decision, but based on the energy your old electric dryer is using, we’d recommend switching it soon. You could be spending as much as 75% too much energy drying your clothes and it’s most likely taking a very long time to finish your laundry.    

Will my clothes smell like natural gas when they come out of the dryer?
Absolutely not! A natural gas dryer dries your clothes to perfection and they smell clean and fresh!