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Natural Gas Dryers - Energy Efficient Features

Before you buy your natural gas dryer:

  • Choose the most energy efficient dryer you can and ensure it has moisture sensors that will turn it off when the clothes are dry. A dryer that runs longer than necessary uses more energy than necessary.

  • Ensure you are buying the best sized dryer for your home. Too big, too small, they’re both going to be inefficient and more expensive to run.

On laundry day:
There are many ways to make your natural gas dryer more efficient, try some of the suggestions and enjoy welcome savings on your energy bill:

  • Separate lightweight easy to dry fabrics from heavyweight hard to dry fabrics so drying times are consistent in the load

  • Try to avoid overloading the dryer, clothes must be able to tumble freely for the fastest dry times

  • On the other hand, avoid drying less than full loads.

  • Dry loads one after another to take advantage of the heat already in the dryer

  • Don’t add wet items to partially dried loads

  • Try to keep the door closed on the dryer to keep the heat in.

  • Clean the lint screen before every new load

  • Install your dryer in a warm area, drying time is longer in an unheated garage or utility room