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Natural Gas Dryers - Cost Comparison

When you need to dry clothes and keep up with the loads of track and field laundry, your natural gas dryer is the ideal team member. A natural gas dryer works quickly so you use less energy and your energy costs drop.

A natural gas dryer is over 75% cheaper to operate than an electric dryer. You and the team's uniforms never looked so good, with so little effort! Use this easy to understand table to compare the annual operating cost of a natural gas dryer to an electric dryer.

Clothes Dryer* Average # of
Natural Gas Cost Electric Cost Approximate Annual
421 $35 $148 $113

A front-load washer requires less water, holds larger loads and saves you energy in reduced water heating costs! Front-load washers have a faster spin cycle and remove more water from the wet clothing, therefore requiring less drying time resulting in additional cost savings.

You can save on your annual water heating cost when selecting a front-load clothes washer over a top-load clothes washer.

Front LoadClothes
Average # of
Water Heating Savings Additional
Dryer Savings
Approximate Annual
421 $7 $5 $12

Based on fuel rates as of January, 2014
Natural Gas $0.2304 per m3
Electricity $0.1308 per kWh

* Assumptions to create the cost comparison were based on a standard home located in the Union Gas service area with 4 people per household. Cost comparison does not include monthly fixed charges.