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Natural Gas Dryers - A Natural Complement to a Front-loading Washer

Your natural gas dryer is the perfect partner to an energy-efficient, front-loading clothes washer. Most front-loading washing machines use 30 to 50% less water than standard top-loading machines and provide 50 to 65% energy savings.

With standard top-loading washers, the clothes sit in a tub of water and are agitated by the alternating motion of the agitator. In contrast, a front-loading machine has the drum tipped on its side and uses no agitator. During the wash and rinse cycles, this perforated drum and a larger, surrounding drum are about one-third full of water. The clothes dip in and out of the water as the drum tumbles back and forth.

Front-loading machines use remarkably less water and detergent than top-loading machines, which means using less energy when clothes are washed in hot or warm water. More water can be removed from clothes because the spin cycle is faster, which reduces energy used later in the dryer.

Tumble-action washers also get clothes cleaner with less wear and damage than the typical submerge and agitate approach.

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