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Natural Gas Dryers - Product Benefits

A new natural gas dryer uses very little electricity, since electricity is only used to operate the dials. This means that you’ve just eased the load on Ontario’s over-stressed electrical grid.

Dry cheaper
A natural gas dryer is 30% cheaper to operate than an electric dryer.

Dry without electricity
Lessen your demand on the Ontario electrical grid by choosing a natural gas dryer over an electric unit. When it’s time to replace your electric dryer opt for a natural gas model and do your part to help Ontario conserve electricity. 

Improve the appearance of your clothes
Depending on your dryer and its settings, natural gas can have many other benefits, even reducing the amount of wrinkles!

Help out the environment
Simply by switching from an electric to natural gas dryer, you can cut your CO2 emissions by over 60%.*
* When coal is used to generate electricity.