Natural Gas Dryers - Product Overview

Save up to $2,000* per year, every year.

How a Natural Gas Dryer works

The natural gas burner instantly raises the air temperature in the dryer drum when the unit is started. The warm air is gently circulated through the tumbling clothes, soaking up moisture before passing through a lint trap and then to the outside by your vent.

Loads of features
Features available on natural gas dryers answer every laundry need. Natural gas dryers have exactly what you need to dry your clothes exactly how you like them.

Built-in sensors turn the dryer off when the clothes are dry to your specifications. This prevents over-drying and can help preserve the life of your clothes by stressing them less. A bonus of the built-in shut off sensor is your energy savings!

An electronic ignition system is what controls today’s natural gas dryers instead of a continuously burning pilot light. The result? Even more energy savings.

Multiple sized dryers help you choose the right sized model and use the right amount of energy. There are three basic sizes of dryers:

  • Compact models have the same features as full sized models but are designed to suit smaller homes and laundry day needs. They save space and energy but, like any dryer, can cause excessive wrinkling and the poor operation of moisture sensors if overloaded

  • Regular sized models are designed to handle average sized loads but are less efficient with larger than usual loads and bulky items

  • Extra-large sized models have a capacity to dry as much as 14 pounds of wet clothes but can be less efficient in drying small loads

Most natural gas dryers operate on a burner with an input rating of 22,000 BTU/hr.

Like all dryers, natural gas dryers must be exhausted safely to the outside of the home. This venting removes the by-products of combustion, primary water vapour and carbon dioxide. For the most flexibility, choose a dryer that gives you a few venting options – from the back, side or bottom.

Each dryer comes with a lint filter that needs to be cleaned with each load. Failing to empty the lint trap results in lengthened drying times by restricting the flow of wet air to the outdoors.

There are generally 3- 6 temperature and fabric settings on a new natural gas dryer. Customizing your laundry is easy with permanent press cycles, end-of-cycle signals, delicate cycles and air fluff settings. Often you can choose the level of ‘dryness’ you want. This is handy if you like to iron clothes when they are slightly damp or when you want to ensure that jeans are completely dried and ready to wear.

Automatic shut-off is an exceptional energy saver and is standard on most natural gas dryers. When your clothes have reached the desired dryness the moisture sensor in the dryer automatically shuts the dryer off. This can save you up to 15% in energy costs compared to timer style shut offs.