Natural Gas Campfires - Frequently Asked Questions

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I heat my home with natural gas, how hard is it to add a natural gas line outside my home for a campfire?
You are already taking advantage of natural gas to heat your home, adding a natural campfire will be easy. A licensed gas fitter will quickly be able to hook a campfire up to the existing gas line.

I have a large family, do natural gas campfires come in a variety of sizes?
There are large and small campfires and outdoor fireplaces that fit every family.

I love the idea of having a campfire – are there fire codes I should be aware of?
Every municipality has different by-laws. Contact your local fire department before buying to be sure you stay within the law.

I don’t want my children to turn the natural gas campfire on when I’m not supervising. Is there a way to disconnect it?
Yes. Ask your gas fitter to install is a quick connect. This allows you to connect and disconnect your natural gas campfire quickly and easily. Disconnect your campfire when it’s not in use.