Natural Gas Campfires - Buying Tips

Save up to $2,000* per year, every year.

Find the cost savings by purchasing a Natural Gas CampfireNatural gas campfires come in an abundance of styles, models and sizes. Before choosing which is right for you, measure where you want your campfire to go and determine what size will adequately warm the area. Choose between full-size built-in fireplaces, a chiminea style or a casual fire pit. For a small garden, consider a table top model – you’ll love how it transforms your table into an evening gathering spot!

You’ll enjoy choosing the surround for your campfire, matching it to your landscape theme or décor. There is a large variety of surrounds available including small cast iron bases for use in small areas.

Electronic ignition systems offer an easy, instant start with the push of a button or knob.

Talk to your retailer about the availability of pre-assembling. If it is not available read the instructions to be sure you can assemble the campfire yourself. You will need a licensed gas fitter to install your natural gas campfire.

In many municipalities there are fire codes that regulate open air burning such as campfires. Check with your local fire department to be sure you are allowed to have a natural gas campfire in your municipality.