Natural Gas Campfires - Product Benefits

Save up to $2,000* per year, every year.

Natural Gas CampfireInstantly on, instantly off
Enjoy a natural gas campfire and never chop wood again! When you’re ready to sit and relax under the stars all you have to do is click a switch and you’ve got a warm, charming fire instantly. When the night’s over, turn your natural gas campfire off and go to bed without worrying about lingering embers or sparks.

A perfect addition to your outdoor lifestyle
A natural gas campfire completes your backyard landscape, complimenting a pool beautifully!

Safe and clean
Natural gas campfires leave no ashes to sweep and there’s never any sparks to damage your patio furniture or cause you worry when children and pets are with you.

Warm and cozy under the stars
You’ll be surprised how many nights you’ll linger outside with a natural gas campfire keeping you warm.