Reading Your Gas Meter

Where is the gas meter?

Most meters are installed outside the home. However some may be installed inside the home, usually in the basement.

How do I read the meter?

Your meter has either a digital or dial design.

Digital/Dial Meter
Digital Meter Dial Meter
Digital Meter Layout Dial Meter Layout
Record the 5 numbers left to right, like a car odometer. Record the four or five dials left to right.
 - Record the lowest number if the pointer is between two numbers.
 - Record "9" if the pointer is between 0 and 9.

Submit your reading

Log in to MyAccount. Go to the Rates & Usage tab, select Submit a meter read.

Book a meter reading

If you have an indoor meter or need help reading your meter, call the Customer Contact Centre at 1-888-774-3111 to arrange a reading.

Take care of your gas meter

  • Contact us immediately if you have any safety concerns with your gas meter.
  • For tips on looking after your gas meter, please see gas meter safety