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Equal Billing Plan

April 2014 Review of Equal Billing Plan Monthly Instalments

  • All Equal Billing Plans were reviewed in April 2014.
  • Due to record cold temperatures during the winter leading to higher than normal gas usage, as well as the adjustment in gas rates effective April 1, many of our customers’ EBP monthly instalments have increased.
  • The new monthly instalment will be billed in each month from April to August.
  • Your EBP monthly instalment will be reviewed again in August and will be adjusted based on your total gas usage for the previous year and gas rates in effect at that time.
  • Check your EBP balance on your latest gas bill or by logging on to MyAccount.
  • If you cancel your EBP before August, your gas account will be credited or charged the difference between the EBP instalments that you have paid and your actual gas usage since September 2013.

More predictable bills
Your total annual gas bill, divided equally

Spread your annual natural gas costs evenly through the year for easier budgeting and a more predictable monthly bill. 

Enrol in the Equal Billing Plan

Log in to MyAccount or sign up for MyAccount. Go to Bills & Payments and select the Equal Billing Plan (EBP) tab to calculate your monthly instalment and enrol.


  • Stable and equal monthly bills throughout the year.
  • Pay only for the natural gas you use
  • Free to join

How the Equal Billing Plan works

  • We estimate how much gas you'll use for the upcoming year by using your total natural gas usage for the previous year and current gas rates, and divide that amount into 11 equal monthly instalments.
  • You’re billed the same amount from September to July.
  • Your account is reviewed periodically and your monthly EBP instalment may be adjusted up or down. Factors that can impact your EBP instalment include significant changes in the weather, gas rates or the amount of gas used.
  • In August, you are credited or charged the difference between the EBP instalments that you have paid and your actual gas usage.
  • The plan runs from September to August each year. You can join anytime.

Equal Billing Plan (EBP) on your bill

You'll see:

  • The cost of gas used - Total charges from September to August
  • The amount billed - Total EBP instalments for current plan year 
  • EBP balance - difference between the usage and billed instalments

September reset

  • You are automatically re-enrolled every September.
  • Your monthly instalment is reset in September for the upcoming year, based on expected gas rates and your usage history.

Cancel the Equal Billing Plan

  • Log in to MyAccount and go to the Bills & Payments tab & then select the EBP tab.
  • Your account will be charged or credited the difference between payments received and the gas you’ve used.

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