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What is MyAccount?

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MyAccount is an online tool that lets you view, compare, download, and print 24 months of billing information from Union Gas. It can be accessed 24/7 and has all the information you need to manage your Union Gas account.

Through MyAccount, you can also turn off your paper bills and stop receiving your monthly bill in the mail.  This is called Paperless Billing, and it's a great way to save paper and simplify your life.  If you'd like to try Paperless billing, the first step is to sign-up for MyAccount, then pick the Paperless bill delivery option.

Ready to register for MyAccount?  Follow these easy steps:

1 Go to

2 Click on "Sign Up Now".

3 Complete the MyAccount Registration page using your Union Gas Bill.

4 Select the Paperless Billing option.

Customers with more than five Union Gas accounts can email us for a special registration form for multiple accounts. Once registered, you can easily manage all of your accounts within one or more user ids.

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