Union Gas

A Spectra Energy Company

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Union Gas
777 Bay St., Suite 2801
P.O. Box 153
Toronto, Ont. M5G 2C8

Telephone: 416 496-5358
Telephone (toll-free): 888 303-2518 x75358
Fax: 416 496-5331

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EnerSmart™ magazine, spring - summer 2012 issue, is published by Union Gas Limited, a Spectra Energy Company, and has 700,000 copies distributed through newspapers in southern, northern, western and eastern Ontario. Advertising rates and distribution information for the spring - summer 2012 issue of EnerSmart™ magazine are available upon request from Union Gas Marketing office. Contents may not be reprinted without written permission of Union Gas. All rights are reserved.
Opinions and comments reflect those of the writer and not necessarily those of Union Gas. ™ EnerSmart is a trade-mark of Union Gas Limited.