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How to grill a 15 to 16 pound turkey on a natural gas barbecue

Grilling a Turkey on a Natural Gas Barbecue Photo

Chef Caroline McCann-Bizjak

Rinse turkey well. Chop 5 fresh sage leaves, 2 tablespoons fresh savoury and mix with 6 tablespoons of butter with your hands. Lift the piece of skin on the breast and spread it inside. Repeat with the other breast. Put half an orange and half a grapefruit (each cut in four) in the turkey cavity with a fresh bay leaf and a clove of smashed garlic. Tie the legs with butcher’s twine and secure the wings and then wind twine around the whole turkey. This ensures the citrus will stay in the cavity and the turkey will keep its shape.

Turn the natural gas barbecue on high. Put the turkey, breast side down, on the grill directly over heat for 10 minutes on each side to sear it. This also seals the flavours in and creates a crust. Remove from heat. Put turkey in baking pan and reduce temperature to medium high. Close lid.

Remove after 30 minutes and baste with pan juices. Then cover with a tent of foil. Put back on grill at medium low temperature. Check for doneness after 2 hours and baste with pan juices. A 15 to 16-pound turkey will take at least 3 hours or longer, depending on doneness. A meat thermometer is recommended.

Hint: Gently pierce skin with a knife in the crease of a turkey leg and press on leg until juice comes out. If juices are clear, it’s ready.

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