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Bubble & squeak

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This is a famous old English recipe that uses the leftovers from Sunday dinner. It works very well with Thanksgiving leftovers too and takes fifteen minutes to prepare and cook.

Mix equal quantities of:

Cold cooked potatoes (sweet potatoes or baked potatoes are fine), cut into sugar cube sized pieces. Mashed potatoes will also work.

Cooked greens (originally brussel sprouts, quartered, or cabbage) but salad greens are fine, so is bok choy or turnip greens – anything you ate on Thanksgiving that was green.

Stir in a beaten egg (if there's two of you, two beaten eggs if there's four...) a tablespoon of dry mustard powder and a level teaspoon of ground pepper.

Heat the frypan (medium heat) for two minutes, add 2 tablespoons of oil (olive oil, canola, peanut oil) and spoon the potatoes and greens into the pan. Pat it down into a cake about an inch thick and fry for five minutes.

Sprinkle another teaspoon of mustard powder over top, and smooth it with a knife blade. Shake the pan occasionally to loosen the cake in the pan.

Slide the cake out of the pan on to a plate. Put the pan over the plate, put your hand under the plate and flip them over so that the top side of the cake is now in the pan. Cook another ten minutes, until the bottom of the cake is browned and crusted.

Slide it out, and serve immediately.

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