Understanding my Bill

Bill ImageWant some help to really understand your Union Gas bill? Here’s some information to help you make sense of your monthly charges.

Our Reading your Gas Bill section takes the guess work out of understanding how to read different parts of your bill.

Your Gas Bill is determined by four important factors;

  • Usage - The amount of natural gas in cubic meters consumed

  • Days of Service - The number of days that your bill covers

  • Rates - Union Gas rates change quarterly. Some customers may choose to sign up for a fixed rate through an energy broker. Your broker name and rate is listed on your Union Gas bill. Broker Rates and fixed / contract timelines will vary depending on your broker. Please contact your broker for more information.

  • Degree Days / Average Daily Temperature - Details on temperature, more specifically cold temperatures and how it affects your natural gas usage - the colder it is the more natural gas you use to heat your home.

For more information on your current bill, comparing usage to other months or years, or to simply edit some of your account information login to MyAccount.

If you are new to MyAccount and need to enroll, click here.   You will need your Union Gas Account Number which is located on the top right hand side of your bill. Be sure to select our paperless billing option for the convenience and control of electronic billing and payment.

Questions about your Natural Gas Meter?  In most areas, a Union Gas Meter Reader will go from customer to customer to read the natural gas meter on the side of your home or business. If your meter is not accessible to our Meter Readers, you may have to provide your meter information to Union Gas manually.

How to read my meter
Submit a meter reader form

Questions about who to buy your Natural Gas from? Visit our Buying Options page to learn more about what available.