Use A Clothesline To Dry Clothes

ClotheslineThere are many great benefits to utilizing a clothesline. One of the best benefits of line drying your clothes is that they will last much longer than they would if they were just thrown in the dryer. Did you ever think about how much lint is in your dryer when you are done drying it? That is actually all of the worn-away fabric, that would have remained on your garments if you had line dried them. Zippers cause snagging on clothing when tossed in the dryer, but when line dried your garments will remain intact.

The other added benefit is that you save yourself some dough in the process. Did you know that dryers are often among the top energy-uses in a home? An electric dryer can cost a homeowner up to $109* a year in energy costs. Not only will you save on your bill, but you can also save on laundry products. The sun is a natural whitener, so no need to buy any bleach. Static cling is created by clothing rubbing together, but if your clothing is hung out to dry it is not necessary to buy any dryer sheets.

The most important element of line drying is hanging them properly. Proper hanging will reduce the amount of ironing you need to do and will maintain the shape and colors of your fabrics. The basic rule of thumb is to hang the clothing upside down to help avoid stretching in the material where it might be noticeable. Another basic rule is to hang your coloured clothing inside out to maintain the color of the clothing. With whites, you will love that bleaching effect of the sun, but you don’t want this to occur with your coloured items.

If you find the items to be stiff when dried on the line, you can throw them in the dryer for a quick tumble. We recommend you use the 'touch up' setting on the dryer to loosen any wrinkling and to make sure the clothes are still nice and soft.

* Based on blended Ontario fuel rates as of April 2008. Electricity cost of $0.0968 per kWh. Actual costs vary with make, model and age of your dryer. Cost does not include monthly fixed charges for electric.