Wise Energy Guide

Wise Energy GuideThe revised Wise Energy Guide has been designed to help you save on energy bills, live comfortably and protect the environment. Stewardship – caring about people and the world in which we live – is one of Union Gas’s business values. We promote energy efficiency and encourage everyone to have a home energy reduction plan. And the Wise Energy Guide is a great place to start. The guide gives you the power to take control and manage energy usage around your home.

The guide includes:

  • an easy-to-use checklist to help get you started
  • simple solutions to cut heating costs
  • tips to prevent air leakage
  • weather-stripping and caulking advice
  • home insulation tips
  • suggestions to solve moisture problems
  • natural gas equipment options

By following the guide and making a few modifications around the home, consumers will save on energy bills. For example, by reducing air leaks in your home with caulking and weather-stripping, you can save up to 15 per cent on your heating bill. The checklist is a great way to determine where to begin; follow the suggested steps and you will have a list of actions that will save you energy and make your home more comfortable. The Wise Energy Guide provides the how-to details.

To obtain your free Wise Energy Guide and Wise Energy Checklist click on the link below to download a complete copy.

To browse through individual sections of the guide online, click on the appropriate link below:

  1. Why it's important to trim your energy use
  2. Understanding energy and your home
  3. Manage my bill
  4. Getting started on an energy plan
  5. Equipment solutions
  6. Building envelope solutions and simple tips
  7. Looking for more information

Please contact us if you can not download the guide and you want to request a printed copy.