Pre-piping your Home for Natural Gas

A soon-to-be-constructed home offers a fresh start and an exciting opportunity to choose exactly what you want in your home from top to bottom. One of the best decisions you can make at this early stage is to pre-pipe for natural gas, it will save you money down the road.

When you pre-pipe your new home during construction it’s ready for your natural gas appliances when you move in. If new appliances are something you’re looking forward to in the future, pre-piping will save you renovation costs when it’s time to add a new natural gas fireplace, dryer, range, backyard grill or pool heater.

Many new home buyers plan to use their current dryers, stoves and grills until they need to be retired and replaced. After a few years, when it’s time to replace an old appliance with a natural gas appliance, it’s convenient to know that you’ve pre-piped so installation will be simple.

Natural gas appliances offer high performance and impressive energy and money savings compared to electric.

According to industry sources, it can cost anywhere from two to four times more to pipe natural gas in once your new home construction is complete. It is particularly more difficult and expensive if your basement is finished. Current costs for pre-piping are in the $175 range for each hook-up location.

Building to make future home improvements easy is the best reason to invest in natural gas pre-piping for your home. You can pre-pipe for a:

There are natural gas appliance options available in just about any room. Consider the advantages of pre-piping your new home in popular areas such as the kitchen, laundry room and backyard while the walls are unfinished. It is cost-effective, simple, and saves you the added cost of opening up walls later. When you have a natural gas hook-up ready and waiting it’s easy to take advantage of all the benefits of natural gas appliances. Natural gas responds instantly, giving you an even, reliable heat source.

When buying or remodeling a home, be sure to ask your builder about building pre-piping into the plans. It will be a valuable long-term investment that will bring you immediate satisfaction.