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ENERGY STAR and EnerGuide Labels


Welcome to the world of ENERGY STAR. ENERGY STAR is the gold star of energy efficiency. You’ll find it only on appliances and products that have made top grades in rigorous energy efficiency tests. ENERGY STAR is a symbol you’ll see on products around the world and here in Canada. It’s a symbol worth looking for and buying.

Why choose ENERGY STAR products? Simply put, there’s a direct link between making smart energy wise choices in new appliances and the amount of money you’ll save on your energy bill. What’s more, using less energy is also good for the environment. See? When you choose ENERGY STAR everyone, including Mother Nature wins.

Appliances and many other consumer products are long term investments. That means it’s smart to consider the lifetime cost of an appliance not just the numbers on the price tag. Choosing a less expensive appliance with a low energy rating may seem like a deal in the short term. Choose an ENERGY STAR product and you’ll save money in the long run and do your part to use less energy.

The ENERGY STAR mark is administered and promoted in Canada by Natural Resources Canada and is registered in Canada by the United States Environmental Protection Agency.


The EnerGuide label is a powerful tool which can help you make smart energy efficient choices when buying new electric appliances as well as natural gas furnaces and fireplaces. The EnerGuide label clearly shows how much energy an appliance will consume in a year of normal service making it easy to compare the energy efficiency of each model to others of the same size and class.

When selecting a new appliance remember there is more to the cost than just what is on the price tag. Some appliances will cost you much more to operate over a year. If you check the EnerGuide label and do some quick calculations you can often see that the less expensive appliance at the check out counter will actually cost you more on your energy bill in the long run.

Question: The appliance I am thinking of buying has an EnerGuide label on it, that means it’s a smart energy choice right?

Answer: Not necessarily. An EnerGuide label does not mean the appliance is energy efficient; all it does is to clearly indicate where it falls on the energy efficiency scale. Some appliances will do better than others and all will have an EnerGuide labels - it's a tool for comparing energy consumption.

The EnerGuide label is easy to understand. Let’s say you’re shopping for a new appliance, anything from a refrigerator or dishwasher to a furnace and you want to purchase the most energy efficient model you can afford. The first thing to do is look for the mandatory EnerGuide label on the appliance. On the EnerGuide label is an easy to read energy efficiency scale. On the scale you’ll see a well defined arrow. Where the arrow falls tells you how efficient the unit is (in comparison to all the same types of products available in Canada). These scales make it simple to know exactly which appliance will use more energy and which will use less. Natural Gas furnaces and fireplaces display their EnerGuide information on the back page of the manufacturers’ literature and/or on their website. EnerGuide makes it easy to compare and easy to make good energy choices.