Smart Budgeting with the

Equal Billing Plan

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It makes sense. Your total annual gas bill, divided equally.
Here’s how it works:  

More predictable bills

Our Equal Billing Plan (EBP) is a popular option for people who want to make budgeting easier. When you sign up, we estimate how much gas you will use in a year (by looking at what you used last year), divide that amount into equal instalments and bill you for one instalment monthly. That means every Union Gas bill you get from September to July will be the same. You won’t get bigger bills in the winter and smaller ones in the summer.

September to July are your regular Equal Billing Plan months

From September to July you will receive a predictable bill of the exact same amount every month.

August true up

In August we add up how much gas you’ve used over the past 11 months and compare it to how much you’ve paid through your EBP instalments.

If you used less gas than you paid for through your instalments, your August bill will be lower to make up for the extra amount you paid. If you end up with a credit on your bill, you can use the credit to cover future bills, or call 1 888 774-3111 to receive a refund by cheque. You’ll need your account number on hand.

If you used more gas than you paid for through your instalments, your August bill will be higher to make up for the shortfall. If you have difficulty paying this extra amount, you can contact us to make a payment arrangement.

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Each month you can check MyAccount or your bill to see the cost of the gas used (“Total Charges to Date”), how much you’ve been billed through your EBP instalments (“Total EBP instalments billed”), and your Equal Billing Plan balance.

September reset

Once we bill your account in August, we’ll automatically re-enrol you for another year. Your new monthly instalment might be different, taking into account expected rates and gas use for the upcoming year.

Our goal is "no surprises"

Throughout the year, we will periodically check your gas use to see if it’s on track with our estimate. If it’s significantly different than we expected, we’ll change your EBP instalment right away.  This prevents the need for a large “true up” in August.

What can cause a mid-year adjustment?

  • Unusual weather that causes you to use significantly more heat or less heat than we expected
  • Unexpected gas rate changes (up or down)
  • Substantial changes in your family’s use of heat/hot water
  • New natural gas appliances

Enjoy the benefits of the Equal Billing Plan

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Signing up only takes a few minutes

The most frequently asked question:

I pay $100 every month on my Equal Billing Plan. But on my bill I see that in May and June I only used $55/month. Do I lose money those months?

No, you only pay for the gas you use. Let’s use Jane as an example. From September to July Jane’s Equal Billing Plan is $100 a month. In winter months Jane uses $120 worth of gas each month.

How to sign up

  1. Log into MyAccount at
  2. Click on the blue “Bills & Payments” tab
  3. Click on EBP (Equal Billing Plan) and follow the easy instructions

Not a MyAccount user yet?

  1. Visit
  2. Fill out the simple registration form
  3. Follow the steps above for MyAccount users

Sign up by phone 

Give us a call at 1 888 774-3111 and have your account number handy.
Customer Contact Representatives are available Monday to Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. 

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