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For your reference, we have provided links to the bill inserts that appear with your monthly gas bill.

This month's bill inserts:

September InTouch eFyler ScreenshotinTouch - Customer Information Newsletter
September 2014

This month's topics include: Find out how to make predictable payments with the Equal Billing Plan and how to protect yourself against carbon monoxide.

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Natural Gas eFyler ScreenshotNatural Gas: Keeping Prices Low for the Last 10 Years

In an era of rising prices, natural gas is one of the few commodities that cost less today than 10 years ago.

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Paperless Billing eFyler ScreenshotLess paperwork, not less control.

Choosing to receive your Union Gas bills electronically doesn't mean giving up control. It just means we don't need a stamp to send you your bill.

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