For your reference, we have provided links to the bill inserts that appear with your monthly gas bill.

This month's bill inserts:

InTouch Customer Newsletter eFlyer

inTouch - Customer Information Newsletter

November 2014
This month's topics include: How we give you easy ways to save hundreds of dollars this year in energy costs and how to keep your gas meter clear of snow and ice this winter.

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Meter Reading eFyler

Don’t let old man winter come between you and your meter reading

Keep the path to your meter clear by removing snow, ice, construction materials, dogs, locked gates and vegetation.

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Programmable Thermostat eFyler Screenshot

Save $25 On Any Programmable Thermostat you purchase

Receive a $25 credit on your Union Gas bill and save up to $100* per year, every year, in energy costs while helping the environment.

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Anything mail can do, email can do better eflyer

Anything mail can do, email can do better

New email features make Paperless Billing more convenient than ever.

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