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For your reference, we have provided links to the bill inserts that appear with your monthly gas bill.

This month's bill inserts:

August InTouch eFyler ScreenshotinTouch - Customer Information Newsletter
August 2014

This month's topics include: Gas Leak? Your smoke alarm won't tell & Natural Gas is a clean air choice

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Equal Billing Plan eFyler ScreenshotEqual Billing Plan = Easy Budgeting

Grocery bills, energy bills, phone bills, car bills - budgeting it all can be challenging. That's why we offer the Equal Billing Plan (EBP), which helps spread your natural gas costs evenly throughout the year.

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MyAccount eFyler ScreenshotMyAccount - Simplify your next move with MyAccount

No matter where you're going, moving can be stressful. That's why Union Gas offers three easy online forms to help simplify your move.

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