Forms & Requests

Please note the following approximate timelines for service line installation, connection:

  • Residential Service: minimum 5-6 weeks

  • Converting a Residential home to natural gas : approximately 6 weeks

  • Standard Commercial: minimum 6-8 weeks

  • In case of large buildings or if you require pressure gas, or have any other special requirements, the process could take longer.

Please be aware of seasonal workloads, as the fall period is a traditionally a very busy time of year.

Apply for a natural gas service using Get Connected, our online attachment tool.  You will receive a reference number and an immediate confirmation that we have received your request.  If you choose to use the Request For Action form please ensure it is filled out completely and accurately. Missing information and follow up will cause delays.



All requests for materials, tags, or forms not listed here can be made by emailing: restechsupport@uniongas.com