Paperless is the way to go

Good for the environment – and great for your business

When you see how large your own pile of paper bills can be it is easy to imagine the enormous environmental impact created when everyone’s paper bills are all counted together.

At Union Gas we are of course concerned about the environment – but the benefits of going with the paperless billing option goes far beyond saving trees.

If you and 99 other people make the switch to paperless billing, then over the course of one year we would:

  • Reduce greenhouse gas emissions equivalent to driving your car for one week (98 kg of CO2 equivalent)
  • Save enough wastewater to fill 15 tubs (1,733 litres)
  • Eliminate five garbage cans of solid waste (39 kg)

This information was calculated using Assuming each customer’s Union Gas bill is 30 grams per month, and all paper is uncoated free-sheet with 10% recycled content.

More viewing options than ever before

Union Gas just made viewing your bills online easier than ever – and with so many new functions and features MyAccount is the natural choice for both business convenience and environmental conservation.